[Review] Infinite 2nd LP - Season 2

[Review] Infinite 2nd LP – Season 2

Infinite Season2

Infinite Season2

Release Date: 05/21/14

Track List

  1. Season 2
  2. Last Romeo
  3. Follow Me
  4. 로시난테 (Rosinante)
  5. 숨 좀 쉬자 (Suffocate)
  6. Light – SungKyu solo
  7. Alone – Infinite H
  8. Memories
  9. 나란 사람 (A Person Like Me)
  10. Reflex
  11. 미치겠어 (Crazy) – Infinite F
  12. 눈을 감으면 (Close Your Eyes) – WooHyun solo
  13. 소나기 (Shower)


Ten months after the release of their second single “Destiny” and nine months after the merge of Woollim with SM C&C,the…

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소지섭 (SO JI SUB) - 18 Years (Feat. 샛별) 

you. YES YOU. watch this. Brilliant lyrics and a brilliant mv. do it. 

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Myung Soo


So Ji Sub’s ‘Pick-up Line’: orange vs. white.

sunggyu’s charming point is…?

Thou Shalt Not: Christianity and Personal Freedom in Sunny Hill's "Pray"


Thou Shalt Not: Christianity and Personal Freedom in Sunny Hill’s “Pray”


In an industry mostly fuelled by toothache-inducing sugary melodies and sweet visuals, the music video of Sunny Hill’s “Pray”takes the road much less travelled by introducing the haunting and ‘creepy’ story of a…

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